High quality and efficient Rotor with Neodymium impeller and advanced software .

Precise flow rate management.

Adaptive running system.

Email Alert.

OTA upgrade ready.

Advanced Rotor

  • 20% Less Vibration than 4 pole rotor.
  • 50% less rotating speed than 4 pole rotor.Result to reduce power consumption, heat and eco-friendly.
  • 20% less power consumption
  • 20% less Noise than 4 pole rotor.
  • 30% high efficiency  than 4 pole rotor.
  • Precision rotating speed management , especially at very low speed.
  • Wide range wave simulation to create optimal flow .

4 Model available

2 HVDC model

2 Intelligent DC model

Tell me ....if you can find others better

Adaptive system

All Poseidon Return pump are built in Adaptive learning technology .All Poseidon will detect leak of water and it will adaptive learning the water level and will lower / higher the speed to result to the long lasting running time until problem solve .We are the first and only intelligent return pump to running long lasting as soon as it can instead of error stopped /dry running stopped .

In the same circumstances , other return pump will broken with dry run or stopped resulted by protection mode .Poseidon can run up to 7 days more to keep your livestocks safe .(* In this case , the turnover rate with changed caused of flow rate changed)

Precise flow rate management

Poseidon is designed to manage the flow rate precisely.It will monitor flow rate to control 0.1% speed deviation per microseconds.No one will care but us , you can't find out even your pump running for over 2 years in your tank. 

No more Fancy?

If you don't need our fancy and innovative function like Email alert , Wave simulation , feed mode , controllable power .....etc.

We give you  HVDC model with simple Plug&Play with stronger torque .

Of course, we give you our signature Adaptive Learning system to protect your livestock for sure.

And built-in LED indicator at the pump body to let you know the condition in case some trouble happen or remind you to have a maintenance.

Advanced Controller ( DC model)

  • Wi-fi Ready for emergency email alert.
  • Over 10 preset Wave pattern and 1 fully customizable Wave pattern and Customizable Feed details.
  • Wave pattern are scheduled by any hours or any days as you wish.
  • Maximum 14 schedules per days.
  • Automatic firmware update.
  • Real time display RPM and Power consumption per 0.5 second.
  • 2.4” True Color display.
  • 0-10V interface , support 3rd Party controller.
  • Wi-fi communication with 4 pumps in a group.
  • Advance Communication with Sync , Anti Sync & Delay Sync.
  • Wide Range flow to create a prefect simulation of wave due to our advance rotor.
  • Sine Wave Technology with dead silent.
  • Support Battery backup module ready .(Optional)

4 Models available

Poseidon DC10000L

Poseidon DC15000L

Poseidon HVDC 15000L

Poseidon HVDC 10000L



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