Distinguished Expertise in Aquarium Design

With a wealth of over two decades in the field of aquarium design, our team of seasoned aquarists is adept at creating innovative products of the highest quality.

Comprising dedicated engineering professionals, our team collaborates seamlessly with partners specializing in Hydro-mechanics, Mold Structure, PCB & Circuit Board Layout, Programming, LED and Driver Technology, as well as Optical Lens Design.


Authority in Aquarium Expertise

ZOOX stands as a preeminent enterprise specializing in the Design, Construction, and Water Treatment Systems of Marine Aquariums and aquaculture.

Our commitment extends to delivering pioneering solutions, incorporating cutting-edge technology, and offering seasoned expertise in aquarium maintenance.

Holistic Fusion of Design and Manufacturing

ZOOX embodies a comprehensive manufacturing entity, encompassing an extensive range of specialized expertise in both the aquarium and aquaculture domains. Our proficiencies span diverse sectors, including Spectrum and LED Technology, PCB and MCU Integration, Mold & Casting, Optics Solutions, as well as Flow and Rotor Systems. Across each of these disciplines, our integrated capabilities encompass the entirety of the design, analysis, and manufacturing processes.

Profound Impact on the Aquarium Industry

ZOOX products command a significant presence in civil retail markets, catering to hobbyists. Additionally, we offer robust technical support to Public Aquariums and Aquaculture Farms, encompassing diverse services such as design, construction, maintenance, and knowledge sharing. Our global reach is exemplified by collaborations with public aquariums and aquaculture farms spanning various continents.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

ZOOX is also a dedicated sponsor and collaborator in educational initiatives with universities, schools, and aquaculture entities that emphasize conservation efforts.