Next-Generation Bio Media

  • Largest Surface area bio-media in the market in the same size.
  • Open core structure: Vast surface area and water absorption
  • Up to 5-10 times surface area than typical ceramic bio media
  • Easy maintenance without generating dust! ! Strong material and long life . Make from Multiphase polymer material that does not collapse and does not generate scraps. Even after squeezing to the inside, it retains a lot of bacteria without sagging.
  • Can be cut, hollowed out, and easily processed without affecting water quality, so it can be used in any tank of fresh water or seawater
  • Maintainability with conventional ceramic filter media, the inside of the filter media cannot be washed unless it is crushed. In addition, there were problems such as "hands hurt when washing" and "recovery is difficult after washing”.
  • completely non-toxic, and since it does not leach out or adsorb, it has no effect on water quality. There is no change in PH or KH.
  • It can be used in all kinds of aquariums such as freshwater, seawater, aquatic plants, corals, live fish tanks and goldfish.

3 TYPES available .S, M ,L.

We also have commercial type for large public aquarium .56*23cm cylinder type.

S Size

2.5L per box. 5950 meters square surface area per box.

Specialist for nitrification.

M Size

2.25L per box. 7850 meters square surface area per box.

Balanced for nitrification and denitrification.

L size

2.25L per box. 7850 meters square surface area per box.

Specialist for denitrification.

Huge Surface area for bacteria


Smaller filtration take place


Stronger Biology filtration system.


Higher density you can keep in same Aquarium / farm.

Open Core Structure


Huge surface area for bacteria


Long-lasting maintenance period.

More bacteria.

Stronger system.

No more jammed.



Maintain prefect performance all the time.

ZOOX Next-Generation Bio Media are washable and maintain up to 70% bacteria after heavy wash*.

*Under laboratory condition.
Place 4 times aquarium water to ZOOX Bio Media (e.g. 10L aquarium water to 2.5L bio media) and tested after heavy wash 1 mins for 3times. 



Huge surface area.

Complete Safe to livestock.

No biodegraded.


Maintenance friendly.