ZOOX is a professional aquarium equipment design and manufacturing company that offers high-quality ecological equipment and solutions for various ecosystems such as marine, terrestrial, and underwater plants. Its main products include lighting systems, physical filtration systems, biological filtration systems, water circulation systems, and other aquarium equipment. With years of rich experience and professional knowledge, ZOOX has become one of the industry leaders.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Hong Kong, ZOOX has its own research and manufacturing factory in Guangdong, China. Its products are popular in many countries and regions worldwide, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. In addition to providing products and services to the consumer market, ZOOX also collaborates with various institutions, such as aquariums, aquaculture research institutes, and universities, providing design, technology, and equipment support, and has earned extensive praise and trust in commercial aquarium projects.

In today’s increasingly important environmental protection, conservation and ecological preservation have become one of the important issues in most schools. As a part of the ecological conservation industry, ZOOX hopes to contribute to the conservation and education of future generations.

In recent years, ZOOX has been actively promoting ecological aquaculture projects and educational courses to raise public awareness of ecological conservation and sustainable development. ZOOX’s plan is to promote ecological aquaculture projects and educational courses among the education sector and schools in Hong Kong, aiming to guide students from the perspective of ecological conservation to understand aquatic ecosystems and explore the mysteries of marine biology.
As a professional aquarium equipment design and manufacturing company, ZOOX is committed to providing comprehensive support and assistance to the education sector and schools in Hong Kong. We can provide the most suitable ecological aquaculture systems according to customer needs, as well as provide relevant technical guidance and training courses.
We believe that ZOOX’s ecological aquaculture projects and educational courses will bring students a brand new learning experience and make a positive contribution to the protection of the ecological environment and sustainable development. ZOOX is dedicated to innovation and progress, to provide customers with better products and services, and to make greater contributions to environmental protection.

We offer various educational courses and experiences, including:


Basic knowledge of ecosystems

Students can learn about the concepts of ecosystems,the roles and interactions of organisms,and the effects of environmental factors.


Marine conservation

Students can learn about coral reef conservation,marine pollution, climate change, and other related issues, and understand how to protect and maintain the health of marine ecosystems.


Ecological aquaculture

Students can learn skills related to the cultivation, care, and management of aquatic organisms and explore the importance of ecological aquaculture for environmental protection and sustainable development.


STEM courses

Students can participate in courses related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to explore how to apply scientific knowledge and technology to solve environmental problems.


Environmental education

Students can learn about environmental protection knowledge and understand how to contribute to protecting the Earth.

These courses and experiences can help students understand and focus on ecological conservation and sustainable development issues from more perspectives, and further enhance their awareness and understanding of environmental protection. In addition to school courses, ZOOX also provides opportunities for the public to visit and experience the ecosystem, allowing more people to deepen their understanding of the importance of ecological conservation and sustainable development.

Education Scheme


Coral Reef and Acropora aquaculture


Saltwater fishes and Jellyfishes


Mangrove and tidal







Our advantages

  1. In-house ecosystem and LSS instruments.
  2. 24hrs on site support.
  3. Rich LLS experience with global aquaculture business and public aquarium
  4. 10+ engineerers , Coral and fishes , Plant and animals specialists.
  5. Co-operate with listed minor work contractors

Our Partners and customers

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