• 90°optic glass.
  • Available for supplement lighting source.
  • Full aluminium body.
  • In-house high density Led chip with over 20Watt output in 13mm.
  • Extra-wide range of Actinic RAYS included UV from 380nm to 480nm.
  • High RA / CRI in Lagoon RAYS(14000K  RA/CRI 99) .
  • Both suitable for E26/E27 socket.
  • Wide voltage accepted, 90VAC to 240VAC.
  • Available to update 2nd Generation ZOOM optic kit.(Optional)


(Saltwater) 2 TYPES PROVIDED:

Actinic RAYS – 20Watt

Lagoon RAYS – 20Watt

Freshwater / Plants please refer to Photosyn

Actinic RAYS

Extra wide UV+ blue Spectrum.

Dense chips LED technology with multiple spectrum.

380-390nm (UV)
400-410nm , 420-425nm (Actinic)
450-460nm (Royal Blue)
460-470nm (Deep Blue)
470-475nm (Sky Blue)

Lagoon RAYS

14000K True Sun Spectrum.

Contains True sun spectrum from UV to NIR . ( 310nm to 740nm)
RA/CRI Max 99+. Give you the natural beauty of your aquarium and gardening.
Perfect for Reef , Fishes  , Anemone aquarium or Freshwater and animals .

Optional Optical Solution

The pinnacle of optical solutions in the aquarium industry.

We offer the most advanced optical solutions, making it easier for you to provide precise lighting for your coral.

RAYS ensures ample PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) reaches your coral,even when it’s growing under depths of up to 5 feet in the aquarium.”