• Nano Hang on Series .
  • Patented Design for full customize with :
  1. hang on water level
  2. Pump power
  3. Reaction chamber water level.
  • Craftsmanship Acrylic finishing.
  • Patented Design for minimizes bubble leakage with superB performance.
  • 300L air intake is the strongest and efficient in this size.
  • In House DC Pump with controllable power output.
  • Pipe-less Design with super fine-tune to adjust water level between WET skim or DRY skim.

Design make Performance ......better

All black design to reduce algae grow while use in the main tank.

Transparent Black of collection cup which easy to observe.

A precise gate valve to control water level to make you have the best performance and less bubble leakage.

All wire is hidden.

Air intake tube connected to collection cup to minimize the overflow damage.

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Will be ready soon.


Will be ready soon.