Meet our high-quality DC Return Pump

  • Ultra quiet model with high power and usable flow rate.Up to
    90% flow rate after 1.5 meter plumbing.
  • External Controller board to provide lowest heat created by
    return pump
  • Union adapter to plumbing with hard pipe easily and we provide
    the hose for soft pipe as well.
  • Touch panel and water proof controller to adjust flow rate easily
    and safely.
  • Rich information display on screen to provide precision control
    by customers, e.g. rpm , running time , Voltage , Current.
  • 2W per step adjustable and provide 0-10v interface signal
  • 5 types of smart protection from overheat , Dry-run ,
    abnormal current and voltage protection , water inlet jammed.
  • Titanium Screw and impeller special for Saltwater use.
  • 20 seconds soft start.
  • Use for in sump and external use.
  • Top-Grade Meanwell adapter is provided durable and high

There are always have cheaper choices in the market. Do you know why?

  • Some brands are promoting they have sine wave technology to make a pump much quiet. We did it on our pumps 4 years before.
  • Some brands designed a high rpm program to retrieval their cheap and weak rotor design.It turns your return pump HOT! LOUD! SHOCK! No one will show you the rich information like rpm beside us.
  • The pump model number usually represents the max flow rate . However, it is not the correct number of your actual flow rate after the pressure height and piping.
  • The usable/actual flow rate will directly affect the turnover rate. It is serious in high-density reefing and aquaculture.

6 Model for all aquarium / aquaculture

  • We provide 6 models from 3000L to 20000L and it will suit any scene and application .
  •  All controller are come with 30mins feed mode and able to fine adjust by 2W step.
  • All controller are 0-10v 3rd parties controller ready in case for large system with multiple pumps setup.
  • All controller come with protection mode to ensure your pump is operating perfectly .Included voltage , current , dry run , impeller jammed .

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