AcroBooster 65W


  • LED Chips: The latest LED chips provide optimal color mixing and permeability for coral growth.
  • Spectrum Accuracy: Seamless UV and blue, along with the Apollo 14000K True Sun spectrum, optimize coral growth and vibrant colors.
  • Control: With an intelligent controller featuring 6 schedules, easy access and management are possible.
  • Gooseneck Arm: Flexible arms allow for optimal light irradiation from the desired position.
  • Sync:Up to 99pcs AcroBooster.

Advanced LED chips

  • Features a groundbreaking design with 33 high-power LED chips integrated into a compact 18mm substrate.
  • Advanced ceramic substrate boasts 30 times better thermal conductivity than aluminum and 10 times better than copper substrates, ensuring optimal LED performance, longevity, and durability.
  • This new design enables seamless color mixing and the highest level of light penetration, establishing a new standard in lighting excellence.


Equipped with cutting-edge LED chips that replicate Wide band Marline blue and 14000K sunlight, including seamless 395-480nm to bring out true colors, enhance coral fluorescence to the fullest, and promote growth.


  • Reliable and Smart controller.
  • 6 time point schedule.
  • Preset Spectrum for SPS and LPS.
  • Preset Schedule for optimal Grow or Coloration .
  • Reliable wire controller to sync up multiple units.
  • Thermal protection.


Power Reflector: Power up 1.88x PPFD and reduce light glare

Sync Cable : Sync