ZOOX Next-Generation Bio Media


  • ZOOX bio-media material is the world’s first innovation designed to maintain strong nitrification systems while requiring minimal space in filtration setups
  • Our product boasts the largest surface area bio-media available on the market, offering unparalleled filtration within the same compact size.
  • Featuring an open core structure, our bio-media provides vast surface area and exceptional water absorption capabilities.
  • Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with our bio-media, as it is designed to prevent dust generation during cleaning.
  • Crafted from a strong multiphase polymer material, our bio-media guarantees longevity and durability without collapsing or generating scraps.
  • Easily cut, hollowed out, and processed without compromising water quality, making it suitable for use in any freshwater or saltwater tank.
  • Unlike conventional ceramic filter media, our product allows for easy maintenance without the need for replacement, even after washing.
  • Completely non-toxic, our bio-media does not leach or adsorb, ensuring no impact on water quality, pH, or KH levels.
  • Suitable for all types of aquariums, including freshwater, seawater, setups for aquatic plants, corals, live fish, and goldfish.

3 sizes available for hobbist market and 1 size for Commerical

S Size

2.5L per box. 5950 meters square surface area per box.

Specialist for nitrification.

M Size

2.25L per box. 7850 meters square surface area per box.

Balanced for nitrification and denitrification.

L size

2.25L per box. 7850 meters square surface area per box.

Specialist for denitrification.

Superior Surface Area

Open Core Structure

High efficiency

Effortless Maintenance

Next-Generation Bio Media