• Performance Series with external and larger skimmer pump and extra large contact volume.
  • Patented Design for special diffusion plate of rotated bubble diffusion.
  • Craftsmanship Acrylic finishing.
  • Engineered PP thumb screw for tool-less disassembly .
  • Titanium screw for pump installation.
  • In House DC Pump with controllable power output.
  • Pipe-less Design with super fine tune to adjust water level between WET skim or DRY skim.
  • 3 Models available .Suit for 1200L to 5000L reef or aquaculture aquarium .

Design make Performance ......better

Unique gear rotate output for precise flow control and

minizine the bubble leakage from our very strong skimmer.


Patented diffusion plate of rotated bubble diffusion for

longer contact time

Eventually, the pump is the core of the skimmer

There are too many brands purchase off-the-shelf pumps from the market.

We called them is acrylic / PVC manufacturer instead of Skimmer manufacturer.

All our skimmer pumps are designed perfectly with our reaction chamber.

Our specification is all tested in the field.

Some products declare a strong air intake without setting up in a reaction chamber and

the number with drop rapidly when consumers using in the real situation.

They call it "Max. Air intake".However the "Max. Air intake" never achieves in the real operating condition.

Photo on left is Altima 1200P running on a 4000L reef aquarium.

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