• Use it as a return pump,or internal loop wavepump
  • Precise flow rate management

    Poseidon and Atlas are designed to manage the flow rate precisely.

    It will monitor flow rates to control 0.1% speed deviation per microsecond.

  • Adaptive running system

    All types of Poseidon/Atlas series had built-in intelligent adaptive protocol

    which monitor the water level and how much water remains in the tank.

    This protocol will protect the pump from stopping.

    When the water level gets low because of evaporation from the tank, Poseidon/Atlas will run with lower power from the initial setting. This protocol will run several times to find the proper running speed on the water level. It will keep the pump running as long as possible and send alerts by email to keep you noticed.

  • Advanced Controller
    • Wi-fi Ready for an emergency email alert e.g. Inlet or outlet jammed, out of water , Power down or lost connection with cloud server..
    • Over 10 preset Wave patterns and 1 fully customizable Wave pattern and Customizable Feed detail.
    • Wave patterns are scheduled by any hours or any days as you wish.
    • Maximum 14 schedules per day.
    • Automatic firmware update.
    • Real-time display RPM and Power consumption per 0.5 seconds.
    • 2.4” True Color display.
    • 0-10V interface, support 3rd Party controller.
    • Wi-fi communication with 4 pumps (including Poseidon and Leviathan series) in a group.
    • Advance Communication with Sync, Anti Sync & Delay Sync.
    • Wide Range flow to create a perfect simulation of a wave due to our advanced rotor.
    • Sine Wave Technology with dead silent.
    • Support Battery backup module ready. (Optional)


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