ZOOX Ultimate DC Pump


  • Ultra quiet model with high power and usable flow rate.Up to
    90% flow rate after 1.5 meter plumbing.
  • External Controller board to provide lowest heat created by
    return pump
  • Union adapter to plumbing with hard pipe easily and we provide
    the hose for soft pipe as well.
  • Touch panel and water proof controller to adjust flow rate easily
    and safely.
  • Rich information display on screen to provide precision control
    by customers, e.g. rpm , running time , Voltage , Current.
  • 2W per step adjustable and provide 0-10v interface signal
  • 5 types of smart protection from overheat , Dry-run ,
    abnormal current and voltage protection , water inlet jammed.
  • Titanium Screw and impeller special for Saltwater use.
  • 20 seconds soft start.
  • Use for in sump and external use.
  • Top-Grade Meanwell adapter is provided durable and high

Advantages of DC Pump


Our Advantages

  1. The FlowDian is used for testing actual flow rates. Actual flow rates may vary from the parameters specified by the pump manufacturer. Even pumps of the same brand and model may yield different data due to variations in pipe fittings, quantities, methods, and shapes. The flow rate displayed by the FlowDian is for reference only.
  2. The temperature sensor built into the FlowDian detects only the temperature of the water passing through it. There may be discrepancies between this temperature and those detected by other temperature sensors at different locations. If necessary, customers can choose to use the calibration function to make adjustments.