Shiner Series engineering features

Light Distribution

T5HO generate gentle light distribution.

Typical LED strips lack thoughtful optical design, resulting in uneven light distribution and noticeable hot spots.

Shiner Pro Rectangle optic provides even better performance than the T5HO, offering gentle light distribution and minimizing shadows in rectangular aquariums.

Shiner Pro Axis-Shifted optic not only outperforms the T5HO with its gentle light distribution and shadow minimization in aquariums, but it also reduces glare and light waste when installed alongside their main lighting.

Shiner Lite optic not only simplifies the structure, but our unique optic design also allows it to emit light in two directions. This design manages intensity within the center oval shape while diffusing gentle light for wider coverage, which is further enhanced as it reflects off the glass in the aquarium.

How supplement lighting works


After install 2x Actinic Shiner Pro Axis-shifted

Professional Optic Solutions

Conventional LED strips often emit excess light beyond the aquarium’s boundaries, resulting in glare for humans.

The Shiner Pro Axis-Shifted model directs light specifically into the aquarium, maximizing its utility within the tank and minimizing glare.

Conventional LED strips tend to produce shadow when positioned too low relative to the aquarium.

Conventional LED strips often result in insufficient lighting beyond the aquarium, leading to glare for humans when positioned too high above the tank.

The Shiner Pro Rectangle model directs light distribution closer to a rectangular shape at an optimal height, maximizing light utilization within the aquarium, reducing shadow, and minimizing glare for humans.