ZOOX Latest Generation Wavepump


  • Build-in intelligent Controller with 2.4-inch Color display.
  • Wireless communicate sync and error/power down email alert.
  • Wave pattern : over 10 types preset included customizable wave pattern and customizable Feed mode.
  • Schedule :Maximum 16 schedules per day and 7 days per week.
  • Capability: Multi-pumps communication, 0-10V controllable.
  • Neodymium Shaft with extremely high effective and less heat.

Advanced Pump (8-Pole stator and Neodymium rotor)

  • 20% Less Vibration than 4-Pole rotor and Ferrite rotor.

  • 50% less rotating speed than 4 pole rotor and Ferrite rotor.

  • 50% less power consumption

  • 20% less Noise than 4-Pole rotor and Ferrite rotor.

  • Precision rotating speed management, especially at very low speeds.

Advanced Controller

  • Wi-Fi ready for emergency email alert.
  • Over 10 preset Wave patterns + 1 fully customizable Wave pattern and Customizable Feed details.
  • Wave patterns are scheduled by any hours or any day as you wish.
  • Maximum 16 schedules per day.
  • Automatic firmware update.
  • Real-time display RPM and Power consumption per 0.5 second.
  • 2.4” True Color display.
  • 0-10V interface , support 3rd Party controller.
  • Wi-fi communication with 4 pumps in a group.(Up to 6 units with APP)
  • Advance Communication with Sync, Anti Sync & Delay Sync.
  • Wide Range flow to create a perfect simulation of wave due to our advanced rotor.
  • Sine Wave Technology with dead silent.

True Random flow Potocol

  • World 1st Delay Sync option to let you make the true random flow.


  • With our delay sync function, it creates a more random pattern of flow from various pumps, achieving a truly unpredictable flow akin to the wild ocean.


  • Fully customizable wave pattern, e.g.wavelength, Max and Min power, delay wave output per pump.


  • 16x schedules per day with different pattern.


Flow rate : 12-2,500 US Gal/h(50-10,000L/H)

Aquarium Size : 40-250 US Gal ( 150-1,000L)

Power : 0.3w to 10w (+-10%)

Max. Glass/Acrylic thickness : 15mm

Flow rate : 12-5,000 US Gal/h(50-20,000L/H)

Aquarium Size : 40-550 US Gal ( 150-2,200L)

Power : 0.4w to 24w (+-10%)

Max. Glass/Acrylic thickness : 20mm