ZOOX Coral Frag Stand Pro


  • Made from ultra-high quality silicone and engineered ABS and acrylic.
  • Plug locking system.
  • Various parts for DIY.
  • Connector to large platform ,  Magnetic holder etc.
  • 2 models and 2 colours are available .
  • Mini : 9 holes , Pro : 23 holes

Various optional parts for DIY

  1. Extra strong magnet with multi-angle adjuster.
  2. Connector to extend frag stand platform.
  3. Extra raiser for multiple layers.

Profession in details

Our experts have identified a growing trend in the use of central lighting fixtures in the coral fragging community.

In such cases, using a frag with a 90-degree base may result in inadequate light distribution, leading to uneven illumination of the corals.

This discrepancy can cause variations in coral coloration between the left and right sides due to the directional nature of light.

That’s why we’ve developed multi-angle parts for the frag stand to accommodate this scenario.

We recommend using a 90-degree frag base with full-coverage lighting fixtures such as T5ho or multiple LEDs in the tank.

For center lighting fixtures, such as high-power LEDs with a small footprint, we suggest using a frag base with a 120-degree angle.