ZOOX Mystique Multi-Function Reactor


  • Innovative design with craftsmanship
  • Internal & External available.
  • Request small head room in sump to maintenance.
  • No need to remove LED while maintenance.
  • Maintenance friendly.
  • Multi Functionality Reactor with carbon , N/P pellet , cotton , filter media , bacteria house, pre-filter….etc
  • Minimize light leakage.
  • Reduces Nitrates(NO3) ,  PO4 , dissolved organics and detritus in neutral way.
  • Stabilize pH shock .
  • Increase Redox(ORP) levels for increased health and water quality.
  • Cultivation of diverse microorganisms


Available use in sump or external

Macroalgae grow spectrum

High power LED with tailor made spectrum make your nitrate export smoothly.

Fully disassemble

3 parts disassemble rack give you more easily to maintenance.

Algae reactor or …….. anything you want

You can use for algae reactor or replace with cap to turn Mystique to be

Carbon reactor , PO4 reducer reactor , Bio media filter , cotton pre filter….etc