AcroBooster Engineered Features

New Generation Spectrum for Reef

Differing from lighting fixtures produced with SMT, manufacturers can only procure ready-made LED spectra from various LED chip suppliers (such as Cree, OSRAM, Bridgelux, Osram, etc.). Due to limited spectrum options, a lighting fixture’s spectrum may only exhibit multiple peaks of varying intensities, rather than being crafted into a broad and continuous spectrum like natural sunlight, such as the broad peaks of Blue light and White light.

ZOOX’s proprietary dense chip technology enables us to achieve a seamless blue light spectrum, marking a groundbreaking advancement in the aquarium lighting industry.

Our Blue Channel spectrum seamlessly covers the following wavelengths: 390nm, 420nm, 430nm, 440nm, 450nm, 460nm, 470nm, 480nm.

Our White Channel spectrum seamlessly covers the following wavelengths: 360nm all the way to 740nm(NIR).

Therefore, our initial aim was to pioneer the development of a comprehensive Blue and White spectrum, providing a wide and comprehensive range of wavelengths to promote optimal growth for coral and other marine organisms, thus allowing them to display more vibrant colors.

Fluorescent Proteins

In the field of bioscience, the captivating fluorescent colors observed in coral and various marine organisms stem from the interaction of multiple fluorescent proteins, commonly referred to as pigments. These pigments, produced by these organisms, enhance colors through specific wavelengths of light, reflecting and amplifying them to the human eye.

There are numerous research studies conducted by scientific institutions and laboratories online regarding the relationship between fluorescent proteins and marine organisms. We can provide one as a reference, and if interested, you can explore more by searching online.

Color Mixing

Optical Solution

PPFD (PAR) and Light Distribution Datesheet