Especially for protection from Red Flatworm.

Two directions which can use for target infected coral or treat the whole system.
Direction A(Recommended):
1.Add 1 drop of Flatworm-X to 1L of saltwater and mix well.
2.Place the infected coral in solution for 5-10mins.
3.You can use a small pump or hand shake to keep flatworms out of coral.
4.Take out the coral from solution and have a clean saltwater bath and return to the aquarium.

Direction B(Serious infection only):
1.Add 1 drop of Flatworm-X to every 4L of your aquarium.
2.Turn off UV ,Ozone and remove carbon from your aquarium.
3.Dose at high flow area and keep wavepump turn on to excrete when flatworms die.
3.Normally,death flatworms will excrete within 45mins , 50% overdose is possible if no visible death of flatworm after 45mins.
4.Scoop out as many flatworms as possible and change 30% fresh saltwater from your aquarium.Death flatworms can be toxic to some livestocks when present in a high concentration.
5.Keep monitor of your aquarium parameter , death flatworms in aquarium will shock NO3, PO4 going high rapidly.
6.Do not treat again within 1 week and it might cause coral dead from a weak condition.

1.The mixed Flatworm-X & saltwater solution only use for 1 time and do not reuse as death faltworm may release toxins.
2.Flatworm-X is mainly use for treat corals which are infected in your aquarium.
You can use ZOOX Coral-X to quarantine your new coral.

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