• Crystal Clear Acrylic with craftsmanship
  • 120 degree. Perfectly to provide light from the center lighting fixture.
  • 120 degree. Perfectly to provide light from the full-coverage lighting fixture.
  • Hollow out pattern to provide 360-degree water flow to ensure
    coral glow healthy.
  • Strong magnet can hold to the glass or acrylic up to 15mm
  • Moduled design can change to different Sizes/types easily.
  • Strong magnetic can hold on 19mm Glass/acrylic.
  • 2 style panel included for Central lighting source / Full Cover lighting source


  • Circle small size – can hold up to 5 frags
  • Circle Large size – can hold up to 15 frags

Engineered from reef profession

Our expert finds out there are starting popular in using center lighting fixtures nowadays.

In this case, if we growing frag with a 90-degree frag base, it will be caused coral cannot get the light power in full.

It will cause the coral color difference between Left and right. (Close to the light and the other is not covered .)

That why we design 2 angles frag base to fit everyone.

90-degree frag base is suggested to use in full-coverage lighting fixture .e.g.T5ho or multiple LED in the tank.

120-degree frag base is suggested to use in center lighting fixtures like some high power and small footprint LED.

Hollow out pattern

Less sediment

Fewer algae

Better grow