• ZOOX in-house optic solution .
  • Larger power ever .
  • Professional tuned like T5ho but better colouration.
  • 2 channel controller with 10 steps dimmable.
  • 420nm Actinic-enhanced spectrum that promotes coral coloration
  • High power supplement LED for reef aquarium
  • Adopting an optical solution optimized for supplement LEDs

Why do we need a supplement light?


While viewing a coral aquarium, the colors seen from the top of the aquarium are more vivid and beautiful than the colors seen from the front of the glass.

Aquascape, rocks, and large colonies in the Aquascape will create shallow from the main light.

Therefore, a single light is not enough to provide enough lighting to coral at different angles.

Shadows in aquarium

As shown in the figure, it is a water tank that uses only the main LED.

This is a picture taken from an aquarium with the main light only

This is a picture taken after we add a actinic shiner for 7days

Two optic solutions: 

Rectangle glare and Axis shifted glare

Rectangle Glare


Axis shifted Glare

↑ Only 450nm royal blue is ON
* Taken with ZOOX Coral Lens V2 attached to iPhone 11 pro.

Enhanced actinic that promotes coral coloration

Actinic Shiner is designated to enhance coral colors with actinic and wide range of blue led chips.

Lagoon Shiner is designated to simulate 16000K with full-spectrum white, actinic, and wide range blue led chips.

↑ Only 420nm Actinic is ON
* Taken with ZOOX Coral Lens V2 attached to iPhone 11 pro.

With hanging wire set & controller

  • 2 channels, 10-steps dimmable, and a built-in timer included.


  • A black wire set is also included.We have an aluminum rack to place on the glass as well.(Optional)


DATA speak for itself