• Special design for aquarium and livestock facilities use.
  • Safely 24V input.
  • Quartz Glass ozone tube solution .Available for operating in high humidity environment.
  • No ozone output adjustment needed.
  • Control the ozone concentration with the flow rate/speed only. e.g. 1000mg@Air flow 10L/mins.
  • Available to use in aquarium (With skimmer /ozone reactor)for dissolve organic waste , killing virus and rise ORP.
  • Available to use in livestock facilities (With fans/air conditioner )to cleaning the facilities , killing virus and dissolve bad smell from livestock.

Model from 1ooomg/h to 10000mg/h. 

Regular Model :1000mg / 3000mg

  • 1000mg & 3000mg models are regular product.

  • 5000mg / 10000mg is requested by order.

Tailor made for Aquarium

  • Super long-life , not affected by humidity 
  • Independent module , no micro air pump attached .(Micro air pump with only 2000-5000hrs lifetime only.)
  • DC24V input more safe in high humidity and wet operating scene.
  • epoxy-sealed electric components ,long-life and safe.