Muti Functionality rack

  • Unlimited expansion
  • Make any layer , height , size up to your imagination.
  • Can use for frag rack , coral rack , filter media rack , partition .....etc.
  • Reef safe , sink and will not bending.
  • 4 riser with 1 pcs can afford over 20kg up.

3 part available :

Rack 25*13*5mm

Raiser 10mm*5mm

Connector 5*5mm

Make your own shape to place your coral

You can make unlimited expansion and height


Designed material

We are reef safe , strong , scalable and we don't float everywhere.

Tailor made for your aquarium and sump

PC and ABS hybrid material available to support heavy duty.Like filter media, skimmer or rocks.


Best water flow for your aquaculture tank

Unlike acrylic rack , we will give you more flow and we don't block the water flow and leave over sediment.