ZOOX Luxon Pro


  • LED Chips: The latest LED chips provide optimal color mixing and permeability for coral growth.
  • Spectrum Accuracy: Seamless UV and blue, along with the Apollo 14000K True Sun spectrum, optimize coral growth and vibrant colors.
  • Control: With an intelligent controller featuring 12 channels and 6 schedules, easy access and management are possible.
  • Full compatible with ZOOX Universal Hanging Stand and AluminVersa.
  • Sync:Up to 99pcs with only 1 Controller.
  • Plug&Play external controller easy to access , replace or upgrade to Wifi-Module(Optional, ready at Jan 2025).

Advanced LED chips

  • Features a groundbreaking design with 33 high-power LED chips integrated into a compact 18mm substrate.
  • Advanced ceramic substrate boasts 30 times better thermal conductivity than aluminum and 10 times better than copper substrates, ensuring optimal LED performance, longevity, and durability.
  • This new design enables seamless color mixing and the highest level of light penetration, establishing a new standard in lighting excellence.


Equipped with cutting-edge LED chips that replicate Wide band Marline blue and 14000K sunlight, including seamless 395-480nm to bring out true colors, enhance coral fluorescence to the fullest, and promote growth.

World Class Optic Solution

Spectral Uniformity

+- 1% spectral uniformity in 36″*24″

+- 1% spectral uniformity in 48″*24″

*For details please check the engineered features below

Customize your own optics

Luxon Pro available to change optic parts as you wish

Luxon Pro provides you with two engineered optic lenses, allowing you to customize the light distribution according to your preferences

Optics components

Our optic lens is engineered to deliver perfect color mixing, precise light distribution, and optimal PAR output.

To achieve perfection, we’ve developed our own advanced diffuser, which ensures gentle light and eliminates glare. These diffusers are produced using lithography, enabling us to achieve our optimal results: minimal light loss (>3%), superior color mixing, UV transparency, and anti-glare properties.

Controller(Sell separately)

  • Reliable and Smart controller.
  • 6 time point schedule per days
  • Pro Mode: 12 channels dimming available.
  • Lite mode : 4 Channels dimming available.
  • Preset Spectrum for SPS and LPS.
  • Preset Schedule for optimal Grow or Coloration .
  • Magnetic Mount