• 140W high power for ALL aquarium.(SPS,LPS,soft coral,Fishes etc.)
  • 3 Channels of dial on fixture easily real-time setting the specturm
  • SMT(Surface-Mount Technology) LED technology are cost-efficient solutions for compact designs. The products come in a variety of available color, lens, and package types and are highly durable.
  • All parts and Leds are module and easy to maintenance.
  • First Lighting fixture in market with Water proof lens(IP65) which easy to clean and highly durable.
  • Unlimited to connect for a loop and use 1 controller for time schedule and power output control.
  • High quality Meanwell waterproof adapter.
  • Full Blue Spectrum .
  • Full Spectrum with high quality Epiled Leds:

4x 380nm UV

4x 410nm UV/Violet

4x 420nm UV/Violet

4x 430nm UV/Violet

8x 450nm Blue

8x 455nm Royal Blue

8x 470nm Blue

2x 520nm Cyan

4x 1200k (Red + Orange)

2x 2700k Warm white

4x 6500k White

12x 14000K cool white